I hear angels sing………


Are you ready???? You might want to turn your volume down these angels sing really loud!




This weekend I embarked upon a project I had long since been neglecting as you can see.  This is what my cupboard looked like when I started this project.  Every time I opened my cupboard those spices were there, mocking me.  EEEE gad that is horrible, I know I should be ashamed.

I passed along my bread maker to a friend because I really haven’t used it now that I have a fancy schmancy kitchen aid there really was no need for it.  I never baked in my bread maker because it made the bread overdone in my opinion but it did make great dough, so off it goes giving me a ton more space.


I transferred all of the spices and such into mason jars and whipped up some cute little labels.   Ahhhhh much better!


You might recognize these from the first pantry makeover I did well ummm yeah that wasn’t working for me.  I love the jars but the location wasn’t right.  I always know when my systems aren’t working when they can only be maintained by me.  That results in a lot of whining and foot stamping.

(What? it makes me crazy when nobody else plays along with my games.)


I corralled all of my chips and miscellaneous baking stuff in these cute little bins that I have been holding on to since I left my job ohhh 5 years ago I knew they would come in handy!


I backed the cupboard with some really pretty wrapping paper I had to add a little glamour to it.  I know, I know a glamorous cupboard…..but hey it is pretty.  I used double sided sticky tape to hold in place because let’s face it I like to change things a lot!  I used ribbon on the shelf fronts also held in place with sticky tape.

Prince Charming laughs at me, he has caught me on several occasions opening the door just to bask in the glory!

I spent nothing to makeover this space in to something beautiful and that really makes me happy.

****hey did you notice???? My wrapping paper is the exact same pattern as my blog background.  I knew I liked it!***

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