A toadally AW-some Thank you gift

Saturday we had our big Blue and Gold Banquet for cub scouts.  For us this is when we send our older boys off to boy scouts and celebrate the leaders and accomplishments for the year.  I had to come up with a little something for our leaders so we know how much we appreciate their time and dedication.


So I came up with this  toadally AW-some idea.  We are the frog patrol because we “hop to it” whenever something needs to be done, which is where the toadally comes in.  We display our frogs whenever we camp together in the summer.

Ok  secretly I do this as a ploy to get other parents involved.  Shhhhh don’t tell them that.  When they see all those frogs it has a little peer pressure affect.  Sneaky I know but it works!

I was going to do the cute bottles of root beer but I went to two different stores and each only had two 6 packs each.  I had to make 12 of these so scratch that I am not running to 6 stores, and besides I like these cute little soda cans anyway. 


I shrink wrapped the basket to hold everything in and well shrink wrap is super fun to play with so why not!

Whipped up a cute label and there you go.  Toadally inexpensive and really AW-some thank you gift.

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  1. Great job! Very Cute! You reminded me I should do something for the hockey coaches! Yikes!



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