Isn’t it great to know your peeps have got your back!

One of my friends peeps was feeling down and out and wanted her to know that it is all going to be ok!


So I left her a peep bouquet on her front door step just to let her know that “her peeps have got her back.”


I just recycled a tin can for the vase, and wrapped it in cute scrapbooking paper. Make sure you weight your can down or it will tip over.  I used a big rock and then added some foam to tuck the skewers into.


It really can’t be more simple.  I just ran skewers half way through each peep (sorry guys) wrapped them with cookie wrappers and tied them shut with some fuzzy string.

Now I know I feel better, want to know why?

Because I get to eat all the extra peeps, see win-win for everyone!

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