2 Liter Greenhouse

Earth day is coming up April 22nd so I thought a nice greenhouse project is in order and since this is a great recycling project it is a bonus!

This is a fantastic project for the kids to do, I did it with my scouts and they all had a blast!  We did worm composting and I wanted them to see the whole cycle of how the worms help grow our food and how our food helps to feed them.  We made worm castle and our soda bottle greenhouses so they could see both sides of the cycle.  Maybe I will show you our worm castles too.


First gather your supplies:

  1. 1 empty 2 liter soda bottle
  2. 1 cup or 2 of dirt
  3. seeds(I used basil so the kids could eat their plants)
  4. scissors or some other way to cut the bottle

Remove the label from the bottle and cut it in half.  Just eyeball it no need to be exact.  Adults should do this the bottle can be slippery.

Cut a small slit in the bottom half of the bottle so the top will be able to fit over the bottom half.


Fill the bottom of the bottle with dirt.

Add your seeds according to what kind of seeds you are using.

Add a sprinkle of water. Don’t drown them, you might use a spray bottle if you think your little ones will go crazy with a watering can.

Add a little love. The love is extra but it will make your plants happy.Smile

Place the greenhouse in a sunny window.  Make sure your soil stays damp but not soggy. We had sprouts in about 3 days.


Now who has a pesto recipe that is not all weird and gritty?  You know I am “texture girl.”

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  1. i love this ideas we are going to try this for this year we wanted to do something different and i think i found it. thank you.



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