Taste the Rainbow….it’s magically delicious

Happy St. Patrick’s day



The oldest Prince informed me he had nothing to wear for St. Patrick’s day. Heck I didn’t even know he cared.  So I whipped up a cute shirt for him last night.  Lucky for him I had green heat transfer vinyl and a plain white tee waiting for him.  Lucky for me I have a cricut!DSC_0876

We want you to feel lucky too so I am going to share with you how to make rainbow cupcakes, “they’re magically delicious!”


It is super easy.  Whip up a white cake mix either from scratch or box.  I am not going to judge the point is to have fun not prove your culinary expertise, and really Betty has been doing it along time I am willing to trust her.  Now divide your cake mix into 6 bowls or more if you like.  I did 2/3 cup and got 6 colors worth.    To each bowl add your desired colors.  I used gel colors because they are easier to work with and come in every color of…

well the Rainbow


Fill your prepared muffin cups with a little of each color.  I used about 2 tsp. of each color.  Just layer them right on top of each other, and bake according to your recipe.


Frost and enjoy.

Aren’t those super festive, tell me you don’t feel lucky now!

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