End of Year Teacher Gift-Rosette Necklace


Today the youngest Prince graduated preschool, can’t believe I have two kids in Elementary school.  How  did that happen?

I whipped up a fun necklace for his teacher to thank her for all that she has done for our family.  .

I put together a mini tutorial for you. You will have to excuse this missing photo steps. I was in a hurry because this was my back up plan since what I ordered hadn’t arrived. It is not fancy and is missing a couple photos but I have faith you can do it!

Start by making a bunch of fabric rosettes.  If you don’t know how to do this just google it and you will get a ton of tutorials.  I used the hot glue method which is the simplist method.  For this I used cream lace and fabric.  I really liked the vintage look.


Lay your rosettes on top of coordinating felt and trace around your desired shape.


Cut out your felt and hot glue your rosettes in place.


Here is a little tip for you if you put a tiny amount of hot glue in between the rosettes and hot glue them together it makes it more structurally sound.

Now attach your embellishments.  I used freshwater pearls and a letter K brad.  Then finish it off by attaching your chain which I swore I took a picture of.  To do this I snipped my chain in half and hot glued it to the back and topped those with a little more felt to hide the glue. 


Another adorable and simple teacher gift that is not a coffee mug!

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