Huston we have a 4th grader-End of year gift take 2

Well it is official today I have a 4th grader.  Wow!  How the time flies it feels like I was just bringing him home from the hospital just a little while ago. 

Today they spent the day eating.  I mean they literally ate their way through their day.  In the morning they had a huge breakfast learning celebration, then they made dirt cup puddings, then they had a picnic with birthday treats for two different students.  So how I ask you can they still be complaining they are hungry?  I don’t know what they ate in the afternoon, I let him play hooky.


I made this fun little bucket for his teacher.  I saw those cute little snack size cookie packets and knew I had to do something with them they are so cute!

“Whatever, cookie packets can be cute!”  I am easily amused!


I made the cute, cute, oven mitt using Skip to My Lou’s directions.  You can find those here.  I was going to make two but they were more time consuming than I thought.  Wouldn’t those make a great Christmas gift?

I picked up the bucket while wandering around Hobby Lobby on crazy clearance.  I bought all of them!  I personalized it with a little vinyl, I thought it would be fun in the classroom.

Now if only summer would come we would be in great shape.  Pools open on Monday but unless I can swim in a hats, gloves and a coat I am not going!

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