Smartie Seed Company-Teacher Appreciation Gift

Last day of teacher appreciation for our teachers.   Just another fun little treat for their mailbox.


I used my cricut to create little seed packet envelopes which in itself were so super cute.  Then I created the printable for the front.  I meant to put a little price on them but I forgot. 

Cut me some slack it was the last day and I was running out of steam, and it is still cute even without it.  Inside the envelope I tucked the smartie “seeds.”  The tag line reads plant the seed and watch them bloom.


Another great feature about this project is I was able to use 25 sheets of my less than pretty paper.  I used the white side for the outside because it was easier than trying to match the color on the label and then they had a cute little surprise inside.

And because I think I am cool because I can share a printable with you I will. Smile

Smartie Seed Co

I hope the teacher’s enjoyed their treats.  I am spent and now I need a vacation!  Or maybe I will just eat the leftover Happily Ever After Hot Fudge from yesterday.  That will make me feel better!

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