Angry Elves-The Home Edition

The kids are on break this week for Thanksgiving and one day in I am already getting the, “I’m bored”  mantra. I am working on some gifts this weekend and needed them to play on their own for awhile, while I get my projects done.

Enter, “Angry Elves The Home Edition.”


I had everything we needed laying around just waiting to be turned into a fun and addictive game!


The elves were actually part of a kit for making wooden elf ornaments that I bought from Oriental Trading a few years back. Yes a few means eight, maybe more sometimes I hoard things, “whatever!” So glad I finally found a use for those!  I didn’t see them anymore but you can easily recreate those using the unfinished wooden pieces you find at the craft store. They are round balls with a flat bottom, and the green bodies are the ones that look like flower pots.  I have no idea what they are actually used for but if you go to the unfinished wood section you will see them there.  The hats and scarfs are just felt.


I used my amazing Girl Scout skills to make some little felt Christmas tree and mitten bean bags.  I sewed them shut, but a glue gun works great on felt so you can easily go that route.  Filled them with pinto beans, you know that is why they are called, “bean bags” right?


We used our wooden blocks to create the scene.


Made a simple sling shot out of dowels and elastic for launching our bean bags, and there you  have it, “Angry Elves.”  You can do a Google search for pencil sling shot for instructions on those.

Disclaimer-You should never launch anything other than your bean bags with your sling shot and you should never launch them at a person, pet or an actual elf.  That would put you on the naughty list for sure!

Have fun!

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