Crafty Girls Guide To Christmas-This time it’s personal!

This year I am trying really hard to make at least 90% of my gifts.  I normally make a lot of gifts but not every gift.  Our budget is tighter this year we have some goals we want to achieve and that means we have to tighten up. Just because your budget is tight doesn’t mean that you can not still have a very joyful holiday full of wonderful gifts. Sure you can give someone a big screen T.V. and they probably will love it, but will they cherish it?

I have put together a made for T.V. mini series for you to hopefully stir the creative gift giving pot, and get you thinking outside the big screen T.V.

The first thing we are making are personalized pillow cases.  Doesn’t get much more personal than that!  They are all made out of the softest flannel which I scored stood in line for, for a thousand years!  Pillowcases are a cinch to make; I used this tutorial to figure it out.  Once you make one you might not want to stop. I am completely addicted and will make them for anyone who wants one! I used my Cricut to cut all of the letters for the names and initials.  I used cotton quilting fabric for the letters.  I have cut thin flannel before but I wanted to reserve all of the flannel for the pillowcases and besides I have a ton of scraps to use.


These first ones are for the girls.  Aren’t they darling?  I tried to find fabric that will go with their rooms.


The Little Princess picked this one out.  I wasn’t sure I was going to love it but it turned out to be one of my favorites and I know her cousin will love it all that much more because she picked it out.


This is for my other niece and is a perfect match for her room.  It is fun and funky!


This is one I made for charity every little one deserves a place to lay their head while visions of sugar plums dance.


This one is for the Little Princess.  Shhhh don’t tell her.  She was so mad that I didn’t make her one!  Little did she know the one I was working on was for her.  Tee hee

I am still finishing up the boys line but I will share those when I can. I really do love how these turned out and they mean so much more than anything I could have bought in the store.

I hope you enjoyed part one of our mini series, or maybe I should say teeny tiny series. Come back and check out part two of our series.



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