It has been a heck of a week-How about a Little Cranberry Infused Vodka??


Only one week until Christmas!!!  How can this be??  Once again I found myself actually running to finish everything up.  I love volunteering but it seems like everything comes together at the same time! My cricut has been getting a serious workout this week.  I actually ran a blade out in one day, I made over 700 cuts!  Sheesh, so thankful I didn’t have to do it by hand.  Really, who am I kidding?  No way would I have done that by hand, I would have done something else!

We had a teacher breakfast, 2 class parties, preschool treat, scouts and a teacher treat all to finish in one week.  Hence my lack of posting.  After all that I really needed a  drink!  I had my cranberry infused vodka staring at me the whole time tantalizing and teasing me if you will. I didn’t think I should drink while I was crafting I wouldn’t want to have some kind of a crazy Cricut accident.  I can see the headlines now, “ Drunken Women Catches Hair In Cricut Must Be Extracted By Rescue!”  As much as I love to see a good looking fire fighter that is not how I want to do it.

Just like my strawberry infused vodka you have to be careful. It will sneak right up on you, and you will find yourself with tinsel in your hair and throw up on your shoes wondering what the heck happened.

I used Martha’s recipe but didn’t have any orange so I left that out. 

I like my drinks girlie and sweet, with an umbrella and just maybe served by a cabana boy named Sancho. This one is pretty tart so I made some simple syrup to go with it.  I mixed Cranberry Sierra Mist, cranberry vodka, simple syrup, and a splash of lime juice.  It was delicious and made my week a little less chaotic!


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