Life inside a snow globe-DIY Human Snow globe

I know we are still right in the middle of series but come on this is way too amazing to not share.  Want to be a super cool mom in your kids eyes??  This is the way to do it.  Every year we count down the days to Christmas by doing a fun activity every day until Christmas.

Check out what we did today!!!!


We got to see what it is like to live in a snow globe!!!!  It was nothing short of amazing!  The kids were in complete awe and couldn’t help but love it!  It was really simple to put together.

snowglobe2 copy

I used (well Santa used) 2 large plastic sheets from the dollar store mine were 9 X 12 feet and 1 roll of duct tape which you can also buy and at the dollar store. If you do buy your tape from there get 2 they are small. You will also need some sort of a fan.  We have two bounce castles so we used that and it worked really well but I bet any fan would do the trick the plastic is really light weight. Open and stack your plastic sheeting, tape the three sides together.  I did this by putting the tape half way on and then folding it over. On the fourth side leave an opening to get in and out and a small opening for  the fan.  I taped the small opening around the fan.  Turn on your fan and climb on in!


Wonderful sensory experience!!!! Especially when you bring white puff balls that we brought in as snow and watched the fan blow them all the way up to the top.



If you want yours to stand up like ours you have to close the exit up so the air doesn’t escape.  Now obviously this is something the kids need to do with supervision since you are playing with plastic and you wouldn’t want a little one to get trapped, so just make sure you stay in the room.

Ok?  Good now have fun!!

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