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I know we are right in the middle of our series but I had to share this cute gift basket I made for my main squeeze.  As I get older my hormones seem to be way more crazy, what the heck???  I thought we were done with that after puberty!  Needless to say I have been a hormonal hot mess!  Ok, not even a hot mess mostly a mediocre mess with limp dull hair!  Nice. 

I was having an especially crazy day. You know the kind of day when you are right in the middle of a complete emotional breakdown and you hear yourself and, even you think you sound like a complete lunatic!!!  I was a sobbing, yelling, whining, bloated bad hair ban gee! Poor Prince Charming got the brunt of it and I definitely owed him a big apology.


Nothing says I am sorry like beef jerky, right?



See the cute cup?  If you have a football fan in your life you need to run, not walk, to Dollar Tree.  The cup is actually shaped and has the texture of a football with the laces.  CA-UTE!!!!

I etched it with #1 Dad.  Wouldn’t those be great for Father’s Day too? 

Prince Charming loved it and just maybe he will put up with me for just awhile longer.  If this is the start of perimenopause (I am really young for it by the way) and it can last 10 or more years I am going to need a lot more beef jerky.

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  1. Feelin' your pain. I have just pre-apoligized to my hubby and have tried extra hard to cook his favorite foods more often. What a crazy time of life. Worse than when we were teens!



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