Secrets in the Castle-Vow renewal

Sooooooooo it has been awhile since I have posted I am sorry but I have been busting my booty, and h...


Rainbow Tag

I want to share a fun game for the kids.  Ahhhh who are we kidding it is fun for adults too!  ...


These are Faces of Happy Campers-Camp Craft

This weekend I organized a camping trip for 70 people.  Of course I was in charge of crafts.  We mad...


DIY-Adjustable Marshmallow Fork

Hey everyone! This week I am prepping for a camping trip with 70 scouts and their families.  Trans...


Strawberry Infused Vodka

It is so busy over here I have decided to take up drinking.  Well maybe just a sip or two. Serious...


Fairytale Triple Chocolate Pancakes

Today I had a hankering for chocolate so I whipped these up for a special morning treat.  They ...


Sure, you can have a popsicle for breakfast-I am a cool mom!

Here is a super easy and good for you treat that will leave your kids thinking, “Wow, my mom is so...

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