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I did manage to squeeze in our first Date of the Month club date this weekend. You can check out my original post here. Since it was so busy I couldn't go too crazy. This was a super frugal date, I spent $3.00. Yes I could have bought the movie but prince charming didn't seem to mind that I rented it from red box for a $1.00. I firmly believe presentation is everything! I had these cute popcorn boxes which you can also find at Target in the $1.00 spot, I had the popcorn so all I had to do was buy the candy and make the cute tickets. I boxed it up and made the label look like it had shipped from U.P.S.

I made these cute little tickets and put them in the popcorn boxes.

I picked Fast and Furious it really is a pretty good movie and really I will watch anything that includes Paul Walker. Maybe even three or four times! Don't tell prince charming he thinks I like the cars!

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  1. Hey there! I LOVE this! I was so thrilled to read about your Date of the Month Club and your own twists on it. It sure turned out cute and I hope you and hubby have some fun dates planned. I can't wait to read about the rest! I'd like to share this/feature you in the future....if you wouldn't mind. Pop over and let me know! Thanks!
    *oh, and thanks for linking me up on your posts--I sure appreciate it!

  2. You bet! I would love to share with you, I am honored you asked!



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