Lunch containers with some bling!

**please excuse the blurred bits. They are personalized and you never know if someone will take follower a little too literally.

I found these sandwich holders at the Dollar tree, and picked them up because I hate using a million little baggies to make the kids lunch. They have been sitting on my crafty table for a couple of months now. What you don't keep your sandwich containers on your crafty table? I put them there because I knew I wanted to do something cute with them. They have been screaming at me, "please make us cute, we are just sitting here and we could be saving the earth!" So I finally had a chance to do something great with them yesterday. I have been saving all of my vinyl scraps for just such a thing. I used my cricut to make all of the cuts. They are dishwasher safe on the top rack as long as you use the permanent outdoor vinyl. These are so much cooler than anything I could have purchased and nobody else will have these! The oldest prince says they are, "sick" that's good right?
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