Happy Valentines Day 20 Ways to say I love you!

Here are some fun ways to say I love You

1. Carefully unwrap a reese peanut butter cup and write I love you on the cups, reseal the package and send in your husbands lunch.

2. Leave love notes for your hubby in the shower using Bath crayons

3. Make heart shaped food: muffins, brownies, cheese, sandwiches

4. Using a stencil dust I love you on top of whipped cream in hot chocolate or in your hubbies latte.

5. Bring you husband breakfast in bed.

6. Hide a favorite magazine in a briefcase, suitcase or gym bag with a little note.

7. Make him a simple candy bar bouquet

8. Personalize a beer bottle with a custom label: Something along the lines of a love potion

9. Hold your husbands hand

10. Send him an I love you text or email

11. Sneak and I love you note in the newspaper

12. Sneak I love you notes into his clothes so he will find them when he is at work.

13. Do a drive by: Drive to your husbands work leave him a rose on the car with an I love you.

14. Wear a cool my husband rocks shirt You can see the one I made here

15. Leave a kiss on his pillow

16. Sneak a movie or something he likes into a box of cereal reseal it and make a little label saying there is a prize inside

17. Personalize a coffee wrapper like the ones at Starbucks that say I love you a Latte.

18. Make heart shaped ice cubes and put them in your hubbies drink.

19. Leave him love notes on the bathroom mirror in the steam.

20. Make a big banner that you hang up to remind him!
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