Valentine Sun catcher

Here is a super simple craft you can do with the kids, I did it with a group of 22 kids and they had a ton of fun! I did use a real needle and the kids were fine but for younger kids you might want something a little less pokey!
2 strips of double sided paper or plain paper if you like mine are 1 X12 inches
Fishing line or clear thread

Staple your two strips of paper like so.

Thread your needle with the fishing line. Start stringing one bead and tying it on so it won't fall off. Then slip the needle through the bottom staple in between the two pieces of paper. Then string your beads however you would like them until you reach the dip in the curve of the heart like so. Pass the needle through the top staple and continue beading if you like. Tie the last bead on and your set! Super simple but really cute. The kids had a great time making them!


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