Rudolph’s Red Nose Repair Kit


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Here is a fun little treat for you today.  Santa brought the kids a little repair kit.  Inside are red hots which he tells me you can pick up at Walmart where the boxes of movie candy are.  The metal tins are from the Dollar Tree.  Santa bought these last year to make this cute project but just never got it done.

The reindeer are cut using a cricut and the Christmas Cheer cartridge.  Oh you didn’t know that the North Pole had cricuts?  Oh you bet they do all of the elves have them it makes their job sooooooo much easier!

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On the bottom a little poem explains what these little treats are.

If you want you could use any red candy.  Red MM’s, or sour cherry balls would be really cute too.   I Santa looked for the sour cherry balls but couldn’t find them.  Probably for the best any way because I LOVE them and would eat them all and my belly would shake like a bowl full of jelly and I would rather leave that up to the big guy!

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  1. Too stinkin' cute! I've been looking for some creative idea for my 19 homeroom students and this would be PERFECT!

  2. I really do need to break down and buy a cricut.



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