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The kids are back in school, the summer was not long enough!

Now I have a little more time I can post again!

Ha, I have had something going every single day for the last two weeks which is why I actually made these a month ago and I am just now getting around to it!


The day after the secret wedding I had to turn right around and whip up a birthday celebration for the Little Princess.  Yep her birthday is one day after our wedding anniversary.  She was actually due on our anniversary but was fashionably late which is how I knew she was a girl!


It is always a struggle for me I want to celebrate our anniversary and celebrate her birthday so I thought these cuties would satisfy both things.  I love food in jars (well except baby food but man even some of those desserts are yummy)  These are not only cute but delicious too.  It’s in a jar and filled with chocolate ganache how can we go wrong. 

Wouldn’t these be great at a bake sale?  You could put the lids on and a cute label.  I used this recipe without the mint, I would go heavy on the ganache I felt like it needed it.

Happy baking!

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