Hello Operator??? I would like a really cute I-phone Holder


Thanks to Pinterest my idea file is getting huge!  I found a really cute I-phone holder and thought I would make one for my niece for Christmas.  She has an I-pod touch which is just a bit skinnier so this should work great.

This was my test run, which has become mine!  I love it and I don’t want to give it up.  These are simple to make so I have plenty of time to make another. It matches my Thirty-One Purse perfectly!

I used this tutorial with a few changes.  The tutorial is great and I am sure the only reason I had to make changes is because I can’t sew a perfectly straight line and need room to make errors.

Here are my changes I made.

  • I want my precious I-phone to stay in a case so I made it a bit wider and I would make it a tiny bit longer as well.  So when you cut your two fabric pieces cut them 11 inches X 4 inches.
  • I also do not want my I-phone falling in the toilet or some other crazy thing happening because that baby was expensive and I would die if I had to disconnect from the world!  Which means I added a closure to the top.  Really simple, just add a hair elastic next to the tab and sew in place.  Then sew a button on to give you a nice secure enclosure.
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