Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Families are like fudge, sweet with a few nuts!

Hey all I am recovering from a wild family reunion. It was so much fun! Every time we have one I always meet someone new that I like! It makes me feel good to know that we have roots that run deep. We had about 50 people attend. We ate great food and stayed up way too late and reconnected with all of our family. Do you have reunions? I think it is a dying tradition which is kind of sad.

Here are some highlights:


No I didn’t kill anyone. This is what happened the night before we are leaving. Note to self do not put spaghetti sauce in a gallon ziplock and then try and squeeze everything in your fridge! It will explode and then you have to clean your whole fridge at 11:30 pm.


The car was packed to the brim!


The youngest Prince and I on our very first ski lift ride. I don’t really have a comb over the wind was blowing and it was starting to rain.


Now that is what you call family game night!


No it is not the paparazzi that is just the family taking pictures.


This is part of the family. I am waiting on the whole big group picture.


A little R and R.


The youngest prince with his cousin and an incredible view.


Crockpots Rule!!!! We had 8 crockpots going to feed everyone. I made crockpot yogurt, granola and beans, and then I used them for every meal to keep everything warm.

I have more really fun projects this week and I will share them as soon as I am unpacked.


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mini dry erase boards from Bath Tiles

This week I am prepping for a family reunion with 60 of my closest relatives.  EEEK!   I am prepping food, prizes and some fun crafts for our family shop. 

I made a bunch of these adorable little dry erase boards that I made from old bath tiles.  I had a whole box of them in my basement.  Thanks D.R. Horton!

The process is really simple, I am in a time crunch so I don’t have step by step photos for you.  You simply drill holes in the tiles to allow your ribbon to be fed through using a masonry bit.  I glued on flat washers with Gorilla Glue to give it a nice finished look.  Then I went to town with my magical cricut and vinyl.

  DSC03235 DSC03234DSC03238 DSC03236

The youngest Prince is coveting one of these.  Super cute in a bathroom.


This is one of my favorites!  What do you think? 

These would be great gifts and would only cost pennies to make.  You know there are only 185 days 1 hour and 55 minutes until Christmas but who’s counting?  AAACK didn’t I say I wanted to be done by July? 


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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fairy Garden Cake Creation

We are heading to a pool party today and my cousin asked me to make the cake.  I haven’t done any cakes in awhile, I was little burned out on them.  They can take 4-5 hours and with the little ones running around it can be a bit precarious!

I am glad I did this one, I love how this turned out. It felt good to create something yummy and adorable again. It is going to be a Tinkerbell party so I thought a cute little garden scene would be perfect.

DSC03227DSC03232  DSC03228  I made Lemon cupcakes with Lemon and cream filling, orange creamsicle cupcakes with cream filling and delish chocolate with cream cake is hiding in the middle.  DSC03231

The little toadstools are my favorite part!

DSC03230  I used my cricut to whip up all of the butterfly cupcake toppers.  I was going to cut cupcake wrappers too, but saw these cuties at Michael’s.  Have you seen all of their new cupcake stuff?  So darn CUUUUTE!


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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beef It’s What’s for Dinner

The swords are packed the horses are hitched and anxious for today Prince Charming is leaving as soon as the sun breaks the horizon in search of dragons.

Really he is just going to Oklahoma for his annual hog hunting trip, but doesn’t that sound so much more noble.  Prince Charming has been packing and prepping all week.  He is like a giddy school girl anticipating this trip.  I will tell you a secret…

So am I!  I love Prince Charming but I have chocolate, crafts and chick flicks calling my name.  I would like to see Time Traveler’s Wife and Hatchi.

Whenever Prince Charming is off to slay dragons or whatever other quest he maybe on, I like to send him off with a little reminder that I love him. 


I made him a cute card and stashed it in the car so he will find it when he leaves.  I can’t give you a great tutorial because I was crafting on the down low.  It is the same concept as the Stampin up Sweet treat cups, but I made my own.


I picked up the little containers at the dollar store.  There were 8 to a package.  I used my cricut to cut the card out and cut the hole for the container to come through the front.  I filled the container with pink starburst and sealed the container. Then I simply hot glued the lid to the back of the card.  I used bits of my vinyl to make the nostrils and embellish the front. 

How fun would these be for invitations to a farm themed birthday party?

They are so much fun to make I may go pick up more of the little containers. 


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Whimsical Princess has gone to Italy

Ciao everyone!

I am so excited,my little ol blog has traveled all the way over to Italy.  A sweet Italian blogger named Barbara featured my memory tray on her blog.  Isn’t blogging great I never thought I would be in Italy.


I am so flattered I will have to come out and thank you personally!  When are you free?  I am up for some Italian food anytime.

You can check out Barbara’s blog here:

Thanks for the link!

Here is a fun little project for the kids today!

Balloon Bean Bags


You will need the following:

  • Balloons 3 per bean bag
  • Rice or beans or something like it
  • Funnel or something like it.  We used a water bottle and cut off the bottom work perfectly!
  • Sharpie or something blunt to push the rice with

Excuse the ever changing colors of  balloons I made a million with the kids and shot pictures when they weren’t screaming about whose turn it was!


Step 1:  Inflate and then deflate a balloon to stretch it out.


Step 2:  Place the opening of the balloon on the funnel and fill with rice. 

DSC03203     Step 3:  Use a sharpie or something like it to poke the rice down into the balloon until you get it as full as you like it.


Step 4:  Snip off the very tip of the balloon so it doesn’t make a bump in our bean bag.  Fold down that end.

DSC03208Step 5:  Snip the entire top of the balloon where you would inflate it.   


Step 6:  Take one of the balloons that you cut and stretch it around the filled balloon so the open end is now covered.  Repeat with the final balloon.  For fun with the last balloon don’t go all the way around and you will have a two color bean bag.


Step 7:  Send the children off to play with their new balls while you clean up the giant rice mess!  I never said this was going to be a clean project, but it was fun nonetheless!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!

It is my birthday today!  Which means no exciting projects to share.

I can’t believe I am  34.


Here are my plans today:

1.  Make everyone breakfast Have breakfast in bed

2. Run around like mad chasing the kids cleaning up messes Notify Prince charming the kids have made a mess

3. Eat healthy nutrient rich food  Eat cake until I gain 5 pounds who I am trying to impress I am 34!

4. Wash Laundry   Make more laundry as I try on a thousand outfits that don’t say, “Hi I am a mom and I am 34”  But I also don’t want to say, “Hi I am a mom, I am 34 wishing I was 20 and have no business wearing this!”

5. Play with the kids Just teasing of course I am going to play with the kids that is the fun part of my job!

Enjoy I will be back tomorrow with a fun project!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Trading in the glass slippers

For a pair of these and a little R & R…


It is camping season woo hoo!!!! Sorry I didn’t post last week but I was getting ready to go camping, and with 3 kiddos including a little princess who is potty training that means packing A-LOT!!!!

This weekend we took a trip to our absolute favorite camping spot. It is simply lovely with breathtaking views, hundreds of miles of trails, fishing, hiking and no other people for miles! I would tell you where it is but I am stingy like that! If I told you then you would be in my camping spot and I don’t know if I you will want to share with us!

DSC03183 Don’t let those dark clouds fool you, the weather was so much better up here than at home. When we left there was 3 inch hail and tornado sirens going off. It rained a little but mostly at night when we were snuggled in bed. I slept great because I couldn’t hear anything other than the rain. Usually I spend the whole night saying, “what was that” frettting over every little noise I hear!

Sorry I can’t help it I just know a bear is going to open the door and grab me by the foot and drag me off. Which is why I make Prince Charming sleep by the door so they drag him off first and I have time to run out the back!

Sorry honey, “Love you!”

DSC03184 The big Prince teaching the little Prince how to ride.


Once he learned how to ride he spent 8 hours straight, going around and around. In circles mostly but he had a blast.


“Not a happy camper!” Prince Charming was mad because he couldn’t get the generator running. He was fine after his Princess came over and showed him how to do it!

Since I won’t share my spot with you I will share our favorite camping recipe! We inhale it which is why I forgot to take a picture. I am up to a double batch going to have to make it a triple soon!

S’More French Toast

  • 1 1.55-oz. bar milk chocolate
  • 4 1-inch-thick slices French bread
  • 24 tiny marshmallows
  • 3 eggs
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 1 Tbsp. sugar
  • 1/2 cup finely crushed graham crackers
  • 2 Tbsp. cooking oil

1. Break candy bar into 4 pieces. Using a serrated knife, cut a large pocket in each bread slice, cutting through one of the long crust sides almost to the other side. Place 1 piece of the chocolate and 6 of the marshmallows in each pocket.

2. In a shallow bowl beat together eggs, milk, and sugar. Place finely crushed graham crackers in another shallow bowl. Carefully dip stuffed bread slices into egg mixture about 10 seconds on each side. Dip bread slices into graham crackers, coating both sides of each bread slice.

3. Place a 12-inch cast-iron skillet or griddle on the grill rack directly over medium-hot heat. Add oil; heat for 2 to 3 minutes or until hot. Add coated bread slices Grill for 2 to 3 minutes on each side or until brown. Makes 4 servings.

Happy Camping!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Up cycle-T-Shirt Dress

DSC03164 It is getting hot in here……

So hot in here I think I’ll take my clothes…..

and turn them into dresses of course sheesh people

it is not that kind of a blog.

No really it is ridiculous hot already almost 100 degrees today. I love to dress the Princess in cute little dresses but when it is hot out I want to be comfy I am sure the Princess would agree. I can’t imagine some of those cute frilly dresses are all that comfy. So here comes the best of both worlds. We have the cuteness of a dress but the comfiness (yea that is a word) of a T-shirt.

The oldest prince recently got a giant bag of hand me downs which he was excited about! Thanks Aunt Laura.

In it was a cute Aeropostale t-shirt but it had a hole in the sleeve I thought I about just turning it into rags but it spoke to me. DSC03149

“Please turn me into a cute dress, I promise I will be soft and comfy.”

Here is what I did to save that cute T-shirt.DSC03150

1. Using another dress as a pattern, I cut off the sides and the sleeves of the t-shirt.


2. I opened it up and folded and pinned down the edges of what will become the arm holes.


3. Stitch the arm hole seam.

4. Next turn the right sides together and stitch a hem on both sides of the dress. Sorry forgot to take a picture but you get the idea.


5. I cut off the bottom of the t-shirt as well because it had a hole and it was a little long. Hem the bottom to desired length.

You could stop here but I decided to add some cute little rosettes using strips of the left over bits of shirt.


Simply cut long thin strips and wrap them in a circle.


Stitch around your circle to hold it all in place.

I also created a super simple matching barrette, by layering strips of the leftover t-shirt and tying them together.


It only took about 20 minutes to rescue that t-shirt and I adore how it turned out. It is super comfy and perfect for playing rough and tumble with the Princes.

DSC03161 DSC03167

or giving sweet kisses to her big brother.


I am linking this cute one to:


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